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Exhibition by Kathrine Geoghegan

“My paintings are inspired by my concern for the plight of our bee populations, as well as my love of nature. The paintings feature native plants that are important for bees, and in some small way I hope to contribute to the growing conversation about the crash in their numbers. What you see in my artworks is a ‘bees-eye’ view of the world – I wish to capture the essence of these plants within their natural habitat. My process always starts outdoors. I have walked the fields and meadows around my home in Straffan, observing, photographing and collecting. I bring this information and inspiration back to my studio and build the painting layer by layer, capturing how the light falls on the forms and colours of these plants, revealing details in the undergrowth. I hope my paintings will stir in the viewer a desire to nurture flowering plants whether they are farmers, land-owners, city gardeners, or apartment-dwellers with a window box. We can all contribute to sustaining our bees.”