“Heritage – Oidhreacht”

Exhibition by The Leinster Printmaking Studio and invited artists. Curated by Alice Hanratty.

“Paintings of Wildlife, Wild Birds, Songbirds, in Oils & Watercolours”

Wild-life paintings by Sarah Corner

“Store Room”

Kilcock Art Gallery

“Heritage – Oidhreacht”

June 1 – July 17th 

Oidhreacht is the Irish word for Heritage and the title and theme of this exhibition by 32 artists from The Leinster Printmaking Studio & Invited Artists. The exhibition is curated by artist Alice Hanratty and is now open to the public.

 Heritage plays a central role in shaping identity. Our Heritage holds aspects of the past we value, and what we choose to pass on to future generations. It has references in culture, buildings, traditional food & crafts, our bogs & native wildlife, folklore, placenames, literature, language and much more.

 This exhibition of limited-edition hand-made Fine Art Prints by 32 artists Printed on paper size 35x50cms with varying image sizes.  Editions from 5 to 25 prints.    All the prints have similar price –  unframed €250 + postage.

See a preview of the gallery here: RTE Nationwide TV Programme – Royal Canal Greenway and Kilcock Art Gallery. Programme – Wednesday 23 June, 2021.   see:https://www.rte.ie/player/series/nationwide/SI0000001172?epguid=IH000400620

The section on the gallery and our exhibition is at 9 min 20sec in!

Contact:   Breda Smyth for further information

+353 86 257 8283

www.kilcockartgallery.ie  info@kilcockartgallery.ie

Painter | 43 Artworks Available & other paintings

Kathrine Geoghegan

Sculptor | 23 Pieces Exhibited

John Behan R.H.A.

Painter | 72 Artworks Exhibited

Sarah Corner

Painter | 39 Artworks Exhibited

Manus Walsh

Painter | 28 Artworks Exhibited

Michael Flaherty

Painter | 21 Artworks Exhibited

Marie-Louise Martin

Painter | 17 Artworks Exhibited

Aidan Flanagan

Painter | 16 Artworks Exhibited

Josephine Grant

Painter | 16 Artworks Exhibited

Liam Jones

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