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Josephine writes….

“It is no accident that the intimate subjects covered in these paintings are the personal, cherished objects that surround me in our house and garden.

During the last four years of my husband’s illness and the isolation of Covid lockdown, I turned to the flowers and plants in our garden, as well as the pieces of China that I have collected over the years. I painted them together, separately, in close up, and sometimes with my other muse, scarves in silks and wool.

The paintings divide naturally into plants in the garden, and those picked for the house to pair with porcelain and scarves.  Books, ever present in our house and lives, tend to appear in the pictures at times too.

2020 to 2021 was a forced introspection, when we were all more confined to our homes; turned in on our lives, as I was increasingly with my husband’s declining health. However, there is always a compulsion to paint, and submitting to it has been a form of escapism in these times bringing, a respite from the sadness with which I was living, by immersing myself in the intimate details and beauty of my home and garden.  

In addition, painting has been a release; stolen moments where I could lose myself in capturing the intimate intricacies of nature’s masterpieces amongst the comfort of my china and textiles.”

Josephine’s exhibition was scheduled for last year 2021 on her 80th Birthday. Brian, Josephine’s husband died 2021, we postponed her exhibition.

We are now delighted to bring to you, this wonderful exhibition of Personal Reflections by Josephine Grant on her 81st birthday 2022.

Breda Smyth,

Kilcock Art Gallery.  T: 00353.86 2578283